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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FreezeMc, May 27, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Fish Baits!

    Minecraft version: 1.16.5 )latest) Spigot/paper

    Suggested name: Baits

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where if you cast a rod without baits it will cancel your line and send a message in chat saying "You cannot fish without baits!" Baits can be used by leaving them into your inventory.

    I'd also like it so that you can do /baits create (Name) (baitpower)*the item in your hand will be used as the item* i'd also like it so that the (Baitpower) can go from 1% to 100%


    Ideas for commands:
    /bait create (name) (baitpower)
    /bait give (player) (bait) <Amount>
    /Bait list (Lists All The baits)
    /Bait reload (Reloads Baits Plugin)
    /Bait Remove (name)
    /Bait help (List's All the commands)

    Ideas for permissions:
    baits.bypass (Can fish without bait) <Default: OP>
    baits.create (Can make baits) <Default: OP>
    baits.give (Can give baits to self or others) <Default: OP>
    baits.remove (can remove baits) <Default: OP> (Can use /baits help command) <Default: OP>
    baits.list (can list all the baits) <Default: OP>

    When I'd like it by: 1 - 3 days, i can wait

    Put your coding skills to the test with my request!
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    Mathias Eklund

    What is bait power?
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    It's like the *luck* modifier. it increases your chance of getting items from fishing. for example, let's say an Earthworm Bait has 5% bait power and a Golden Worm has 35% bait power. the golden bait has a higher chance of fishing rarer items
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    @FreezeMc I can maybe do this for you but I need more details like what bait power exactly does, will it just have some kind of custom loot table or something? Also, it would be really difficult to modify an item's actual data so if I make this it will probably be just custom lore for the baits that have their power and could be modified in the config (the lore). If you want a custom loot table for fishing I could probably make something in the config for item rarity categories where you can add items and manipulate the chances. Also, I'm quite busy atm so it won't be ready for a week probably depending on any other features you may want.
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    Ok so. scratch the (bait power) idea...

    just make it so that not having bait doesnt allow you to fish. different baits wont do anything
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    I could do the power thingy but as you explained above this thing will kind of make luck of the sea kind of useless since i thing that you want to "power" to take priority. Is that alright?
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    No just make it so that not having bait doesn't let you fish. you can create a bait like this:

    /baits create <name> *item in hand will be the bait*
    /baits remove <name> *removes the chosen bait*
    /baits list *lists all the baits made*

    BUT @gochi9 If you can do the %bait_power% that would be so epic! but if it cant be done do everything up there ^^^
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    @FreezeMc I can implement your power idea but I need to know how it will work like do you want me to make a table in the config where there are items with different rarities and higher power means a better chance of better items? I can do this if you want. Or do you want set items with a set chance?
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    @davidclue I already have all my fishing loot set with another plugin.... is there a way to take both plugins and use baits to increase chances even though they are already two different plugins

    Plugin for fishing drop edits: DropEdit 2
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    @FreezeMc No sorry they do not have an API since it is a premium plugin, I think you will like the way I make the loot tables though it's almost done.
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    @davidclue i have my loot already made. the boss you fish out. the crates. the potions etc... just do this:

    just make it so that not having bait doesn't let you fish. bc my loot is really specific and it's not just items its bosses, and crates that have items when u open (similar to terraria)
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    @FreezeMc Alright, that would've been a lot quicker to just add baits without loot tables lol. Too late I already added the loot tables but don't worry you can just disable the custom loot tables in the config by setting "custom_loot_tables" to false, this will, however, make bait power completely pointless. Heres your plugin

    EDIT: If you want I can make the custom loot tables still work and you could add items in your hand to the list via command, this will make the bait power system work. The bait power system lets you modify the chances of an item category at 0% bait power and it increases the drops of rarer categories based on the bait power percentage. If I do it this way then it won't be a problem adding your custom items to the lists.

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    @davidclue I have custom mobs that get fished out. but they spawn at your ~ ~ ~ if u can make it so that u can fish out (commands) and Loot. I will use your plugin.

    I will DEFINITELY use your plugin if you get the mobs to have a fishing animation so they are in sync with the bobber when fished out.
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    @FreezeMc The plugin I previously posted is what you requested a simple bait system, and players who are not opped cannot fish without bait. So let me get this straight instead of items that get fished out you want me to make a command get run instead, that you can set and it will spawn a custom mob or be a give command that gives the player a custom item?
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    @davidclue no, i just want 2 things you can make, an item that can be fished out. or a mob that can be fished out. depending on your skills an in-game mob editor would be very convenient. aswell as it being fished out and in sync with the bobber
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    @FreezeMc I'm not making a mob editor but I will see what I can do about it either fishing an item or command.
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