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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jokerdeath44, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Hello im JokerDeath44 and i have a question:
    I saw A LOT of videos for how to make a Bukkit server well i tried A LOT of times to make 1 but i failed.Well can someone tell me how to make 1?
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    Oh please.
    1. Wrong forum
    2. You obviously did something wrong
    3. Any errors?
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    1. Well im new in here so i dont know where i was going to post it
    2. Yes i cant find the hole things because im confused every time
    3. Nop because i didnt make it

    /Sorry for my english(if i type the words wrong)
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    Here is an accurate text tutorial.

    Read it over. Everything you need is in there. If you run into problems, check out this thread. This thread covers 95% of the problems you will encounter setting up a basic server.

    Only after you successfully create a server and successfully connect to it, you can start looking into plugins. I suggest tackling each plugin one at a time. Set it up fully before moving onto the next plugin.
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