First Server :) Advice on my combination of plugins please :)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Dovisary, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Hello everyone :)
    So this is my very first server that's not a LAN server. I'm making it just for a couple of my friends and my sister's friends. It's not going to be very big but there are a couple of things that my sister really wants to have, and some things that I just think are necessary. I came up with a list of things I needed plugins for, and then found plugins for all of those things, but my list seems very long, and since I only have a small server (just 768 ram), I am really worried about lagging.
    The things I wanted to have on my server are:
    -Locking Chests
    -Ability for certain ppl to fly
    -protected areas
    -private warps
    -and something to stop ppl from using mods
    I know the list is long, but I'd like to use as few plug ins as possible to do all these things. Soo, after watching a few youtube videos and doing some reading, this is the plugin list I came up with. I am looking for advice from those much more experienced than me on this list. Is this everything I'll need? Is there anyway I can condense this list a bit? And will these all run ok on such a small server?
    Plugins I'm thinking about:
    -Chest shop
    -no cheat
    -world edit
    -world guard
    -big brother
    -border guard
    -heroic death (just for fun, doesn't have to be here)
    -and money drop
    Any other suggestions or ways that I can make this list smaller are welcome! Thanks!
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    Your DEFIANTLY going to need more RAM. I wouldn't even consider ANYTHING under 1GB honestly. (Although, i feel that is still a bit low.)

    Most of the plugins on that list, are more intense plugins, so they will take some RAM. And then players take even more RAM.

    1GB might do it, but i honestly recommend 2-3GB for some extra cushion room. (If you can)

    I HIGHLY doubt Big Brother works with the latest versions of minecraft. It's a very old plugin. Try CoreProtect, or Good Brother.

    That being said, NoCheat no longer works on Bukkit. You need NoCheatPLUS (Updated version)

    BorderGuard also probably wont work.. (BorderGuard, updated) or (Bigbrother, and i think coreprotect is the better choice) (nocheat)

    If you need anymore help, let me know. :)

    Edit: I just realized how old this post is, my bad. Well, hope my rambling still helps in some way.
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    There's no way to stop people from using mods.
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    I'm assuming he meant hacked clients with fly, nuker, high jump, etc. In which case NoCheat is very effective.
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