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    hey there,
    Minotopia is lookin' for a plugin. We thaught about: When a player joins the server the first time he got like 15 minutes protection/non-pvp that he is kinda like in God-mode.
    If somebody knows a Plugin like that or can build it, we would be really thankfull when u would contact us.
    your Minotopia Team
  2. I'll make it.
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    hell yeah :D thanks ;) contact me when u have finished
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    Well you could use the ModifyWorld plugin included with PEX which controls how a certain group interacts with the world i.e. can take fall damage, can drown, can interact with mobs, can break/place blocks, can interact with players.... However it isn't timed and I don't know why it would need to be; you could just manually promote players. In fact, I recommend doing that, because allowing first timers to fully interact with the world just makes your server a grief target.
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    Why you no format???
    Read the sticky!!
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  7. You double posted this thread.

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