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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by chunkaymonkay, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Type: Fun
    What i want: I need a plugin that you can set a mob spawn location without spawners basically you can set a mobs spawn location at the block you are looking at when you run the command
    /spawner <Type of mob> <ticks when the mob spawns> <amount of mobs>
    so if i did /spawn skeleton 100 2 it would spawn 2 mobs every 100 ticks

    Commands: /spawner

    permissions: spawner,use

    I need this plugin as fast as possible
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    I'll make this plugin for you, hold on.
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    It's almost done, I just have to do some bug testing. I just didn't get to work on it because I've been somewhat busy the entire day.

    @chunkaymonkay Finished!

    Here's the link:

    /makespawner <mob> <tick> <amount> <name> (Perm: blockspawners.create)
    /togglespawner <name> (Perm: blockspawners.toggle)
    /removespawner <name> (Perm: blockspawners.remove)

    The aliases for these commands are /ms, /ts, and /rs respectively. Perms default to OP.

    Tell me if there are any bugs!

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    @htmlman1 Omg thank you <3 :D i will go test it out
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