Finding the right plugins for a customized server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kazdj21, Jan 18, 2015.

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    I have been thinking about making a clash of clans server. I've seen some developers like crloemol working on a customized plugin.

    However I want to make my own server using a bunch of plugins.

    I know some plugins but i want the community to give their opinion on which plugin fits the best.


    1.) A plugin that generates buildings after a specific building time (I know construction sites but is there any others).

    2.) A plugin that allows you to control mobs. Mobs can also destroy blocks in the process. oh and worldguard supported.

    3.) A plugin which limits the amount of items inside a player's inventory.

    4.) A plugin which allows you to trade "elixir" for troops (so far i found shopkeepers)

    5.) A plugin that gives players plots (PlotMe, anything else?)

    6.) A plugin that allows turrets? they can be archer towers etc.

    7.) A plugin in which, makes mobs despawn after one minute from being spawned by a spawn egg?

    8.) A plugin which saves PlotMe plots then the player can do /backup to return back the plot after being destroyed.

    9.) A plugin which allows to shield a plot (not allowing any entity to enter) << FOR A LIMITED TIME.

    Also I need a Skript.

    1.) A skript that allows resources to be collected. When a player right clicks a purple wool with a wooden hoe. It gives 100 "elixir" every 6 hours.
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