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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ItWasUncalledFor, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm a huge noob on making servers (In fact, my desktop isn't that good), I'm only making a private one for 3 and I can't find the IP for my friends to use. I've tried websites and the run->cmd thing.
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    Make sure your router has port forwarded the port oyur server is using.
    then give them this ip that the website gives you when you goto it
  3. My friend can get on yet I can't.
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    It seems that only one of us can get on at a time. Any help?
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    you can't connect via the external IP you need to connect using your lan/local/loopback ip
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    ^^ Depends on your router setup. :p

    If you're hosting it on the computer you're playing minecraft, use the IP:
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    Another way to find your IP for others to connect to, is to make a simple file I learned from a friend.

    1) Open Notepad
    2) Paste the following in it:
    ipconfig -all|more
    3) Save it as [Name].cmd (I use "IP Checked.cmd) somewhere easy to access.
    4) Run it.
    5) Use the Enter key to make the list go down, until you see an "IPv4 Address"

    That is the IP Address they need to connect to.
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    That method only works for your lan address. Most people do not have a public IP on their internal network.
    To get your outside IP you can either use the website i mentioned above or login to your router and find it.
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    Ah. My bad. Thanks for the clerification! I usually only play with friends I'm with at the time.
    Though, I could of sworn a friend connected to the address I got from the IPv4 from a different network before... (Me at my house, them at theirs) I'll have to look into that again.

    EDIT: Just noticed the other issue the OP was having: If you're hosting it on your computer, you can also use "localhost" to connect, unless that's changed since going to beta.

    And, @ShivalWolf: Would it be Default Gateway then? I may of mixed it up. I remember using this trick at one point to let friends connect. A bit tired right now though, and might of just mixed stuff up.
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    The gateway is the address of your local router which would be its internal address.
    The only way to know your outside address is to ask the modem/router or to ask an external site/server what your address is.

    When you goto any website or connect to anything outside your own network it will get your gateway's external address as where you are coming from. Outside your network noone sees what your internal address is but they do see what your external gateway is to know where to return any information you request.
  10. It works now but the server overloaded because Im using a crappy laptop :confused: or some other reason.
    I'd tell you my specs but I dunno how >_<.
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    Start Menu > Right Click "Computer" > Properties.
    This will list Processor, RAM, etc.^^

    @ShivalWolf: Ah. Thanks, and sorry for the mix ups then.^^;
  12. Ram: 4GB
    Processor: Intel (R)Core(TM)2 Dou CPU T6600 @2.2 GHz 2.2 GHz

    I can't get on right now and I've ported and I used local host. -sigh-
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