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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by whist, May 1, 2014.

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    I need help finding a /buy /sell plugin (All in one). I know essentials has /sell but I need a /buy one also. I have had a look through essentials just to make sure before I post here and took a look on google but all of the suggested ones are Chest shop plugins which it's not what Im looking for. Can someone link me please?
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    kungfuko Yeah exactly what frozendroid I don't want to use signs as it will be a faction server and I want people to buy items straight up and simple when ever and where ever.
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    I can't find any plugins for this, but I MIGHT be able to make you a plugin.
    I'm very new with Java, though, but I could try and help you.
    Is there a way I can communicate with you?
    I have an IRC channel on, join #craftacow
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    Well its not exactly what you were asking for but, floAuction has a Buy Now feature if you do the command right. Example: /auc s 64 100 10 60 500
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    check the plugin list again and lookup economy plugins
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    frozendroid LHammonds funnyman850
    There is a server that has a plugin to exactly what I need, Im not sure if its a custom plugin made for the server or what?
    Picture is below. Any of you heard of the name before?

    If worse comes to worse, Ill try to contact the owner to see if he can help..

    Nevermind problem solved! Plugin has been found but thanks for the help anyway guys.

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