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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by VirtualNick, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I tried plugins like mobdisguise and disguisecraft, but they end up being too difficult to manage and restrict. Simple plugin, like ones that can give you a cape (if possible for non-spout) are probably best. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Any other ideas are appreciated

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    "Player Plus" (for spoutplugin) allows you to have wings/bracelets and more stuff like that
    "Sheath" allows players to put their sword in a sheath on their back

    Sadly there's really nothing more you can add to the player model without spout
    on the plus side. Spout plugins for 1.4 are finally out (dev builds, but working really well! so far)
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    Like I said, spout is not an option, as the goal is to do as much as possible with what Minecraft gives you. I'm very handy with CommandHelper and have edited some plugin code before, so don't be afraid to suggest something that requires a little hands-on action.

    Also, is there any plugin that allows you to equip capes?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Changing capes require spout.
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    Then any ideas of alternatives to capes? Really, it could be anything that changes the way the player looks without affecting gameplay.
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    Why is this is plugin requests?

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    I tried DisguiseCraft, but it spams players with an annoying message and makes the players invisible...
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    Try running DisguiseCraft on a clean server with nothing else but that and maybe Permissions, it should work for you just fine. Unfortunately, you can't do much without spout (like giving capes, etc.) Disguising as mobs, being invisible, and changing your nametag color is about as far as you can go. Things like BlockHat just make you "wear" a block as your helmet (similar to a pumpkin), and forces you to wear it even if you "can't".
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    Tried running DC on a clean server, still have the problem, as follows:

    Player 1 is disguised as any mob, let's say a zombie.
    Player 2 is present while player 1 disguises
    Player 2 dies
    On respawn, player 1 is invisible to player 2.

    There's the problem, don't know if anyone else is experiencing this.
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