Fill. When is the ETA, or is it ever going to have one?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jonathanyc, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I'm curious about the progress of Fill, whose repository ( seems to be all but empty. All that is there appears to be some sort of placeholder page.

    Fill having been an advertised integral piece of Bukkit and with seemingly no work having taken place on it so far, could someone who has knowledge regarding fill inform the community of its progress?

    Secondly, referencing this post ( is Fill ever going to be open sourced? lukegb states in his reply to that question that "It already is opensource, I just need to remember to commit more often.", however, unless the Fill repository is being hosted at a different location, it seems he has not committed at all.

    Of course, I could be confused and misinformed and have not located the right repository, but a wise person once said “Saying nothing...sometimes says the most.” - and in this case what I feel is being said is that Fill is not slated for completion any time in the near future.

    Thanks in advance for all help.
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    Who is Fill?
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    Sorry for my wording in the first sentence - Fill is not a person but a project which was supposed to be a "universal repository" for Bukkit plugins.
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    Now a part of my signature :).
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    HAHA! YES. Thats exactly what I was going for. I know Fill isnt a person, I just know nothing about it.
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    Anyone? :(

    I check from time to time to see if there has at least been an introduction to the concept. Having a dedicated and moderated repository would be splendid.
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    pretty sure it will be out before Duke Nukem Forever :)

    but seriously, they ARE working on it
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    In my opinion, I think it's about time to rush Fill development up a bit.
    (Craft)Bukkit has reached the point where no server admin doesn't use it. It is (relatively) stable, and it provides more than enough features to keep any user happy. At the moment, there are daily (Craft)Bukkit updates. Which is good, but is a hell for server admins to keep up with.

    There are heaps of plugins now. All of which break regularly thanks to updates. All of which should be checked manually each update. Which, for servers with many plugins, takes hours. There are several plugins which check for plugin updates, but all plugins are being uploaded in different ways, some of which are not even wget compatible, and thus, impossible for these updaters to fetch.

    (Craft)Bukkit is running stable, and has everything we need in the short run. There is no immediate need to keep adding new features. Bugs should still be fixed of course, but I think it would be a good idea to move as many developers (with Python/Django experience) as possible to the fill project. I'm not a plugin developer (yet), but I think it would be very helpful for both server admins as plugin developers to get Fill up and running. Even if only a less functional alpha version. As long as the way plugins are up/downloaded is consistent and localized, any plugin-update-plugin can just parse the list and auto-update all plugins. This way of uploading, of course, should be enforced then.

    tl;dr: In my opinion Fill has the highest priority now.
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    I TOTTALY agree with that. the developers should release some kind of temporary craftbukkit finished realease
    and when fill is done they should start updating craftbukkit again as it is pretty stable right now
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