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    Fill Chest [​IMG]

    I've always found it tedious to fill a bunch of chests with the same items. That is why I am requesting this plugin.
    What it does is fill the chest with the item in your hand on a right click after typing the command /fillchest on. When typing /fillchest <itemid> it fills the chest you are looking at with the itemid.
    • /Fillchest on/off Enables you to right click a chest with the item you want to fill it with
    • /Fillchest <itemid> Fills the chest you are looking at with the selected item.
    • Permissions:
    • Fillchest.use Enables you to use /fillchest on/off
    • Fillchest.itemid Enables you to use /fillchest <itemid>
    If you like the idea please make it and publish it giving me credit for the idea! I hope someone decides to make this. It would be great for Admins to use.
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    Using the exact same code just the useful stuff changed, a plugin could be made so you can look at a block and type /chest <itemid> <amount> and it transforms that block into a chest and places x amount of 'item' into the chest.
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    Just get SupplySign

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