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    I'm searching for a Developer so can make a ffa plugin to me so do like this:

    /FFA Join (And then you are being teleported to the point you was setting Randomwarp)
    /FFA leave (disconnecting ffa game and coming to the spawn)
    /setffa (number) (so you can set places spawn you can spawn on when /FFA join (random))

    But every time you are being killed you just random spawn again in the map.
    Every time you you kill one you get 1 new arrow and when you die you start with 15 arrows again (you are starting with 15 arrows)

    Thanks if someone will make that :) prefix: &3MCSwicts &8| &7Teleporting to arena.
    You will get rank if you do this.
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    @MCSwicts I'm on it! Is there any specific weapons you want players to spawn with?
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    @AcePilot10 Oh! Wow!! Thank you very much !!!!! I just think about to spawn with this stuff:

    Full iron armour
    1 iron sword
    1 fishrod
    1 bow (starts with 1 arrow)

    And they can kill people with one shot with bow. When they kill someone they get 1 new arrow :) hope you like my idea :D
    Yeah, it's like OITC, but just with another name. And prefix: &3swictsFFA &8| &7Teleporting to arena... (When /ffa join) @AcePilot10

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