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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CytrixMC, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Hi. My name is Dan. Me and my friend recently decided to start a pvp-based server. I want a FFA plugin.

    You should start with your inventory included a Stone Sword, Flint and Steel, Fishing Rod, Bow, and Arrows(1 arrow).

    Inventory Arrangement:
    1 Slot: Stone Sword
    2 Slot: Flint and Steel
    3 Slot: Fishing Rod
    4 Slot: Bow(Infinity 1)
    9 Slot: 1 Arrow

    When someone is killed it should be announce in chat like this.
    Steve34 was killed by Jeffbruh23 with 6.5 remaining

    There should be join messages. Such as Welcome Steve32! Along with a sound of your choice. A scoreboard as well. This should match the following:

    Kills: (Number Here)
    Deaths: (Number Here)
    Online: (Number Here)

    The XP Bar should say your kill streak. When you kill someone, you will gain 4 extra hearts to prevent cleanups. When you press 'Q' to drop an item, nothing will occur.

    /save - Saves your inventory layout until you log out.

    /save - FFA.Inventory.Save
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    Do you still need this?
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    I could do this :D
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