Fetch Scoreboard Score (Dummy) Upon command?

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    Hey there guys, I'm not ENTIRELY sure if this exists yet or if it's even possible, but I was curious about a ScoreFetcher plugin? The idea is I have a dummy scoreboard and I need to tell the player what their score is via a command. Now I know good and well that I could use the sidebar, or above their name but I that is going to be hard, judging by how many players are on my server at once.

    Hope you can help :) I'm sure it exists somewhere and I'm just not looking hard enough.


    It would have to work with CMD blocks to so /scoreboard players list NAME won't cut it. I also have other scoreboards so that'll just end up looking nasty.

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    ExaspianStudios Don't bump within 24 hours. And there is no plugin that has this feature ( In my knowing )
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