FenceProtect [Anti-Grief]

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    lugin category: Anti Grief

    Suggested name: FenceProtect

    A bit about me: Im a server owner of Revoltcraft and,simple-pvp

    What I want: I would like is a plugin that wouls protect land with fences u would u fences in a shape and put a sign on the fence with FP and under that you would put the name of thr people you want to be abble 2 build and to add people to the list you would place a sign next 2 it and put on it FP add and the names [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ideas for commands: /fp define tells u who owns the land

    Ideas for permissions: fp.use (lets people build in there plots}
    fp.add )lets people make plots
    fp.remove (lets admin remove the plot)
    fp.remove.use (Remove player for the building plot)

    When I'd like it by: In the next week would be nice
    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B

    my email is: parkercwilliams@gmail.com

    also my website is simple-pvp.weebly.com or revoltcraft.weebly.com
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    RedProtect on bukkit dev
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    Could i have link? I cant find it
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    Wow I just asked for a plugin like this but izak12345678910 just don't know what we want. He suggest the same thing and that plugin cool but it don't remove the protection when sign/fence is removed and also redprotect is buggy, it removes all of the protection zones after a restart.
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    No... You need to learn how to use it it has all your features =P
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    No it don't the regions that are created with this plugin don't force you to keep the fencese or signs all it dose is let the fences be the region guide but after you put your sign down the fences and signs are worthless. Plus the region get removed after a server restart its bugged.
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    Post on the plugin page.. Report the bug and ask for your feature
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    I all ready done that.
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    Its Did that and did they respond if not be patient.

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