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  1. Hello there,

    I'm currently working on a online item shop for Bukkit.
    The basic idea is something like:
    • ingame-person adds signs to his chest(s) with quantity, item ID and sell price (max 6 different items supported per-chest)
    • Other players can buy in-game via sign presses. (yeah, I know.., this is exactly the same as the chestshop idea)
    • BUT. Players have to REGISTER when they join the server (login-name is linked to password they entered, and stored (in MD5 format) to a MySQL DB). The people who are registered are able to login on the website (which is, of course, designed for the minecraft server) and they will be able to buy out of those chests to their own (locked) chests. So when they buy something via internet the following will be done:
    1. The players money will be removed on purchase.
    2. The item will be removed in real-time out of the chest of the seller.
    3. The item will be added to the (private) chest of the player who buys it.
    4. if everything went successful the player will get a notification with a gratulation of his purchase. Else if something fails, everything will be undone and the player will be informed.
    I actually hoped some of you could give me some feedback on this plugin I'm currently working on.
    Maybe more in-depth options for the plugin ?
    Questions will also be answered asap!
    Thanks for your respones!
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  3. Thanks, didn't knew about that one. But it's not quite the way I want it. I only generate a JSON array from the bukkit server. The rest of the appearance has to be made by the site admin(s).
    I also need a 'web thread' in my own plugin for other stuff (which powers a part of my (web)admin panel)
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