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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jimbo8, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for clicking in on my thread - i got some problems with updating my scoreboards.

    I'm running a scheduler

    1. BukkitScheduler scheduler = Bukkit.getServer().getScheduler();
    2. scheduler.scheduleSyncRepeatingTask(this, new Runnable() {
    3. @Override
    4. public void run() {
    5. for(Player player : Bukkit.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()){
    6. Scoreboards.initializeScore(player);
    7. }
    8. }
    9. }, 0L, 20L);

    which updates the score here

    1. public static void initializeScore(Player player){
    2. ScoreLib scoreboard = new ScoreLib(player.getName());
    3. scoreboard.add("Penger:", ValueGetters.getCoins(player));
    4. scoreboard.add("EXP:", ValueGetters.getEXP(player));
    5. scoreboard.add("NivÄer:", ValueGetters.getLevels(player));
    8. scoreboard.send(player);
    9. }

    using @RainoBoy97's lib, but i'm 100% sure it's not because of his library. I'm getting the information from a MySQL-server when the player's log in and putting it in a hashmap(not seen here):

    1. public static void getCoinsFromDB(UUID uuid) {
    2. try {
    3. Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, pass);
    4. Statement statement = conn.createStatement();
    5. ResultSet res = statement
    6. .executeQuery("SELECT * FROM verdier WHERE uuid='" + uuid
    7. + "';");
    8. while ( {
    9. if (res.getString(6) == null) {
    10. ValueGetters.coins.put(uuid, 0);
    11. } else {
    12. ValueGetters.coins.put(uuid, res.getInt(6));
    13. }
    14. }
    15. statement.close();
    16. conn.close();
    17. } catch (SQLException e) {
    18. e.printStackTrace();
    19. }
    20. }

    I also have getEXPFromDB and getLevelsFromDB with almost the same code.

    Now, every time i get information from the hashmaps

    1. public static HashMap<UUID, Integer> coins = new HashMap<UUID, Integer>();
    2. public static HashMap<UUID, Integer> EXP = new HashMap<UUID, Integer>();
    3. public static HashMap<UUID, Integer> levels = new HashMap<UUID, Integer>();

    it starts to lag a looot. The server is unusable for a few seconds. This is every time the scheduler runs.

    I tried to run it ASynchroblabla, but then it just spews out alot of errors.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :)
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    Isn't it just easier to use the Bukkit's scoreboard API
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    jimbo8 you need to run your SQL async. If you get errors, post those instead.

    As a sidenote, stop abusing static.
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    Hmm, okay. I'll try to run SQL ASync and get back to you guys with it.

    Also, i use static because i'm lazy :p I never really understood why i shouldn't use it.

    Okay, so i didn't really think that much when i answered you.

    The SQL-queries are only ran on player login and logoff. When they log in, their information gets saved into a HashMap, when they log off it's the opposite.

    So the information i'm getting when initializing the score is from a hashmap.

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    Java is OOP, essentially static defeats this purpose.
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    A shameful little bump.
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    Try using Bukkit Scoreboard API instead of using a lib.
    If it's still lagging, tell us.
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    I tried using the Bukkit scoreboard API exactly the same way as this lib works, but it still lags. Thanks for leaving an answer, though :) Dealyise
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    I think I know why it lags. You are putting players in a HashMap with a Scheduler. synchronized() could fix your lags.
    I am not 100% sure, but this might help
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    Where would i put the synchronized? ;)

    I haven't used that function before.

    Nevermind. I'm stupid. :p

    It works a bit, it lags less, but still a bit too much :/
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    You got Skype? If so, write me your name.
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