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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13+

    Suggested name: FamilyNames

    What I would like: This is for a Harry Potter themed server that I am making. When a player joins the server their name changes to a name that has been selected randomly from the config file, first name and a surname they are both randomly generated and when they are they get put together when they are joined they say if they are male or female and that depends their first name, when they join a message pops up and they click either male or female in the chat section and that sets their name (configurable), an example is Steve as a first name and surname Stephen then put them together making Steve_Stephen. This is applied as a nickname and if a player does do -> /nick example <- then It overrides the original name of Steve_Stephen and it removes the Steve and makes Stephen a suffix so: NICKNAME [Stephen] <- and if it hasn’t been nick named then it would be: FIRSTNAMEGENERATED_SURNAMEGENERATED

    Example of config file
    • #First Names
    • #
    • Harry
    • Henry
    • Albert
    • Cederic
    • Adam
    • Oliver
    • Dominic
    • Elizabeth
    • Lucy
    • Hermione
    • #Surnames and Suffix’s
    • #
    • Potter &7[&8Potter&7]&f
    • Granger &7[&8Granger&7]&f
    • Weasley &7[&8Weasley&7]&f
    • Malfoy &7[&8Malfoy&7]&f
    • Diggory &7[&8Diggory&7]&f
    • Patil &7[&8Patil&7]&f
    • Longbottom &7[&8Longbottom&7]&f

    Ideas for commands:

    • Removes a family from config: /Family remove <family name>
    • Sets a players family name: /Family set <player> <family name>
    • Add’s a family to config: /Family add <family name>
    • Removes a player from a family so they don’t have one unless it is set this means they won’t have a suffix and it is removed so they only have their standard Minecraft username: /family removep <player>
    • Sets first and last name /family fset <player> <Firstname> <Surname>

    Ideas for permissions:

    • Family.set
    • Family.remove
    • Family.add
    • Family.removep
    • Family.all
    • Family.fset

    Family.set =gives perm for /family set <player> <Family name>

    Family.remove =gives perm for removing a family from config (used in game use)

    Family.add =gives permission for adding a family to config (used in game use)

    Family.removep =gives perm for removing a player from a family

    Family.all =gives permission to all commands

    Family.fset =gives permission to fset

    When I'd like it by: Within 1 Week

    If nothing makes sense please say :)
    Thanks! Camerode -
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