Fallout Server Doable?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jaknifed, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I know this idea has come up a lot but I had some ideas and wish to see how doable they would be.

    Note: I do not plan to make this server right away if at all. Just checking viability.

    I am looking to make a wasteland type of server. Fallout style would make the most sense but it is really planned to be modeled after the movie "A boy and his dog"

    Now of course guns would be needed but I wish to stay away from client side mods. Instead I plan to use a required texture pack to change the images on a few things.

    Gold would now be Steel.
    Gunpowder would now be a generic bullet.

    Now I plan to change all tools and armor made of gold into guns through the texture pack. Then alter their properties. So they would consume gunpowder on right click.

    Is it possible to make it so only the gold items would receive the new right click function? I play on a server where the lead coder turned hoes into magic wands, where upon right click they cast spells. But it seems this changed the properties of all hoes, when magic only works with gold hoes.

    1. Recoding specific gold items possible without changing the properties of all?

    Next, I believe spoutcraft would allow me to edit the sounds of a right click with the different gold items to sound off gunshots.

    2. Would I be able to use spoutcraft to input gunfire sounds with right click?

    On to scopes. could I possibly edit a few select gold items to display the scoped zoom in screen on left click without the use of client side mods?

    3. Inserting a zoomed scope screen on left click possible?

    Finally as I plan to use a variation of MCMMO, I was planning to add in a blade, turning the shears into a knife. Is it possible to find when someone is using the shears and award a xp tick on hit specific to the shears?

    4. Shears to knife, possible to detect on hit with shears?

    Thank you for your time.
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    You can't create a bukkit server that uses client-side mods anyway.
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    I had a pretty nice Fallout server running for a few days. Used AcidRain, UVRay, and a forced Fallout style texture pack, a world generator that pretty much made a barren landscape with small broken buildings and trapped areas, it was neat, but then an update for bukkit came out, and I don't host the server for that anymore.
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    i used to host an industrialcraft server (which is a client side mod)
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    But was it bukkit
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