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    HI :)

    with the new "laying" log block. isn't it possible to make a tree fall by removing the block closest to the ground?? it would pe totaly awesome ^^

    some thoughts:
    tree falls only when u chop the lowest block..
    tree falls the opposite direction of where u chopped it

    Sry for bad english!
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    Thought i would say, that a plugin like this would be epic!

    I know basic programming and it would be easy to do in a flat world.
    But not sure how it would work in a world with hills :D
  3. that looks nice but seems hard to do! lemme think! but I'm new at coding but still and yes it would be easy in flat world! for us n00bs but...

    If i helped in any way please donate! and if u need help making a server contact me! [​IMG]
  4. I like this idea. Just give items 17 and 18 gravity after being broke from lower block, sounds reasonable.
    While you're at it allow the config to accept any block id to have gravity, there could be a small % chance for stone to cave in on you. :D

    This would surprise lots of people.

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