Falling out of the world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bobacadodl, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I really have no clue why, but every once in a while, all of the players on my server "fall out of the world". They don't actually die, but it says that they fell out of the world in chat. Also, factions thinks that they actually died, so they lose power. Is anyone else having this issue? Didn't have it until I updated to 1.3.1 and I really have no clue what's causing it.
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    I am having this same issue. My players fall out of the world after they quit also. Its pretty odd. I cant figure out why
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    Yes this is a bug of the 1.3.1 R 1.0
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    Yeah, it's even saying that offline players fell out of the world. :confused:
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    Oh ok cool. Sucks my players keep complaining so much. Oh well, I will tell them to keep fake falling.
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    My players are getting really pissed because of this. Is this a bukkit issue or a minecraft issue?
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  8. I started to have this issue, too. My players randomly fall out the world after logging in/out, randomly, so not always. They are still on the surface where they stood before, but essentials /coords tells me, that they are falling. The big issue with this is, that once it happened, there is no way to revert it, but to delete the Essentials file. Tp'ing them to spawn won't work either. I just started to get this issue, after a short break time on the server. I really cannot figure out, how to solve this. I also updated to the newest dev build and all my other plugins are on the latest versions, too.

    Can anybody help? No void damage wouldn't really help, since they are still falling.
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    by deleting the essentials file, you mean the world playername.dat? thats not an essentials file.
  10. No, I meant the essentials player file. plugins/essentials/userdata/playername.yml
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    that doesnt make sense, location stored in the YML isnt used for anything.
  12. As if the whole thing would make sense. It all makes no sense at all. Another example: When the player logs off (seems to only happen in zones the server quickly unloads, not at spawn) and falls down, there will be no difference for him. He can still break blocks, pick them up, place them. Other players can see them on the surface, too. When you do /whois, it shows the surface coords, when you do /coords it shows that he is falling. I found out, that when I teleport him to me it doesnt work directly, but when he walks around afterwards I can tp him to me and everything is back to normal. No idea where this comes from.
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    try delete that player's player.dat in the world folder, hopefully should fix the position error.
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    Are you running OreObfuscator? I was using that on my server for a very long time, had to remove it a few days ago temporarily until a fix is out. It seems that was the cause of my players crashing clients at low depths when breaking blocks, as well as falling out of the world occasionally. Since i removed it i havent had any of those issues anymore. Just my two cents, try it out, might work for ya. :)
  15. Thanks man, I'm gonna try it out as soon as I can!

    Yeah well, as I said, it's not even necessary. I can tp them on some occasions.
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    its just 1.3.1r1 is buggy guys.nothing can be done but wait for bukkit to sort it out.try setting mob spawns and view distance down real low and see if that fixes it.if it does slowly raise these settings again till you find the sweet spot
  17. I just tried removing Orebfuscator, and yeah, the bug is gone :)
    At least I think so, as it didn't seem to happen anymore ;)
    Fall damage is working properly again, too. I don't really know if Orebfuscator really was the problem cause, as I also updated Bukkit to the newest Dev build and Nocheatplus to Build 32.

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    thats weird i removed the Orebfuscator plugin and then i got the bug i was fine before so can someone tell me how to fix this...
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    Just saying, I resolved this issue by updating every plugin on my server. That's all I did.
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