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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by niki101296, May 23, 2012.

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    I have bukkit server,but someone makes many fake players join my server with names as "sdc35w3r".Is there a way to protect my server from this ? (i dont want to put white-list)
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  3. Server.properties file:

    This will mean accounts have to authorize through the Minecraft.net servers.
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    Different ip-s ..all of them :(
  5. then limit the max players
  6. It's not nice to ignore players who have the solution.
  7. @J0PHESTUS lol
  8. online-mode=true
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  9. Lolmewn for some reason they just dont put it online
  10. Well, they should.

    This is the fix: online-mode=true
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    i had the same problem...the offline mod server's have a low security ( i have offline mode) because in my country 5% of players have the game.
    You can ban any player but he will still join (he can use proxy and anything)
    however on topic you should whitelist the server and make it posibile to add yourself to whitelist via browser.
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    NoCheatPlus.jar :D
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    Your best choice is to set Online-Mode true, if you have premium, you have, lets say, proxy- you're just gonna have to deal with it.
    IP-Ban them. When you run the server, you get the console popped up, when they join look in the console and see their IP
    Example: "JShonobustu joined the server (Their.IP.)
    Use that IP in the parenthesis and IP-Ban them with it.
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    But the connections are very fast i mean:
    23:45.12(seconds) asfausfahu joins
    23:45.13(seconds) aw4awr4 joins
    23:45.14(seconds) xqxq4 joins
  15. so put online mode to true ......
  16. Stop telling him to set online mode to true, he is quite literate. Obviously enough, this is for whatever reason impossible, so stop suggesting the same damn thing over and over again like a bunch of fools.

    OP: Here's a possible solution - xAuth. Might or might not work out.
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    I forgot about xAuth. Nice thinking.
  18. This is obviously a PWN4G3 problem, PWN4G3 mass creates fake account (if the server is offline), or login to existing alts, and uses proxies to mass-login the accounts to the server. xAuth would stop nothing as they would just have it send a chat command of /register mypasswordlolthissecurityconceptfails. The only way to stop the PWN4G3 in this case, is to set it to online mode. Because if they had premium alt accounts, they would be targetting larger servers or online servers, so it's quite obvious they are targetting you because you're offline and they don't need to risk alt accounts.
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