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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by coldandtired, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I'm currently writing my first plugin, and have hit a small issue.

    Is there any way of spawning fake players onto a server? I need this for testing purposes, and I don't have my own server (only a local one to test) to mess around on.

    The players don't have to do anything, I just need some names to interact with.
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    If your pc has the power to run multiple minecraft clients, try this:

    1. Run in offline mode. Don't worry, it's safe, it's only to log in the dummy accounts.
    2. Save the following as a .bat file:
    java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft "Dummy"
    3. Repeat 2, replacing Dummy with other names as needed. If no more are needed, proceed to step 4.
    4. Log into minecraft, connect to localhost with your test server running.
    5. Repeat 4, but with the clients opened by the .bat file(s) you made.
    6. ???
    7. Profit!
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    Yeah, if you only need them to mess around with, then I'd say go for this.
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    Thanks for this, I'll give it a go this afternoon :)
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    Or you could use the Citizens plugin.
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    Tried Citizens, but I need the players to show up as real players (it's an admin plugin I'm writing) so they need to be bannable, teleport-able, etc.

    I tried this but the .bat file gives an error when run that it can't find or load the main class in lwjgl.jar.

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    I think you can run minecraft once as your user and once without a username and then offline and try logging on to the server in both of them
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