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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wizzy86, Jun 16, 2011.

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    This isn't exactly about bukkit, but i guess it has SOMETHING to do with it

    I have a private IP address and I'd really like to not give it out. Is there anyway i can obtain a "fake" ip, that connects to my real ip? For example if my ip address is "cookie" and i want people to join my server, they would type in "cat" but it would really connect to "cookie"

    Is there any way to do that? :confused:
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    proxy's... but even then if somebody want to hack you, it will not help.
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    I'm not afraid of hacks, i just dont want people to see my ip. How do you set up a proxy?


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    I have set up a free account at dyndns.com http://www.dyndns.com/services/dns/dyndns/

    This allows me to point the hostname to whatever IP I like and tell folks to connect to hostname I choose.

    For instance you can make a host named "wizzy86.dyndns.org" and point it to an IP (obviously put what IP you want them to reach there) and when they put "wizzy86.dyndns.org" into the client it'll connect there.

    You can change what IP the hostname resolves to by managing the host you set up there...

    You can even make the hostname not resolve to my server when I don't want it to by updating the Host to offline so if you try to connect in a browser you see something like:
    "wizzy86.dyndns.orgg is currently offline. Please try again later."

    The issue with this ultimately is twofold:

    1) Putting "wizzy86.dyndns.org" into a web browser when it's set to your IP will try and connect to your IP on port 80, ftp to that hostname will try and connect on the ftp port, same for ssh, telnet, any other client/protocol/port. So this means that anyone that knows that wizzy86.dyndns.org exists can try and reach your IP via it when the host is set to your IP in the dyndns configuration...

    2) Ultimately anyone of even basic competence can figure out your underlying IP from the hostname using tools like dig, nslookup, traceroute, even most versions of "ping" would tell you what a hostname resolves to.

    You are going to have to do some very tricky things to set a system up such that it can be routed to on the internet without the IP address being discoverable, so perhaps if you could clarify what your concerns are a proper solution can be found if the above approach won't do.
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    I mean, basically want i want to do, is set up a server that when people type in the IP they dont really know it. And make it semi hard to be found. I don't want to do anything complicated, but the website idea really seems to help

    And are there really ip stealer on minecraft? I just don't want anyone to find out my location, or any other personal details. My Ip, right now, is protected, meaning that when websites see it, they see something completely different then my real IP, and they can't see any information about it. Unless they'e CRAZY AWESOME hackers. Like, if they typed it in to some ip finder, they would just get the nearest AT&T shop location, instead of seeing my home. And if they somehow found my real ip, it wouldnt show.

    So can i just use the website?

    I'm not a technical guru, So i have no idea what this means..
    Could you please clarify? Thanks!


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    I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't think you really understand what you really want, or the technologies involved well enough to ask a coherent question. It would be helpful if you understood what you wanted better so it'd be clear what goals you actually have in mind.

    At best the word "spoof" could be applied to an IP address, but realistically this question doesn't make sense.

    Read this:

    Then understand that the purpose of the IP address or hostname is to have some way for traffic to route to you.

    I mean it's possible that for some reason you want to establish some sort of public proxy


    or whatnot for folks to connect to rather than your server, but then there are a new set of questions about what location you want for the proxy, how the proxy gets set up, and why if you are taking such an effort to establish a public proxy (for no other purpose than allowing folks to play minecraft?) would you not just host the minecraft server on the proxy machine?

    Perhaps if this is what you are actually concerned with, you could have lead with this statement.

    At the end of the day the question at play here is

    • Are you looking to use your home machine for a minecraft server, or pay some other place to run the server for you?
    • If you are looking for using your home machine, the fact of the matter is that if you want to use an IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host a server, then it will be relatively trivial for people to get a good idea of your location and other details from the route through your ISP. Providing a dyndns host name rather than your "real ip" is not going to protect you at all from these sorts of concerns.
    • If you choose to pay some place to host a server, then enough leverage applied to whomever you pay to host your server may cause them to reveal your info. Nevertheless there are ways to set up moderately safer web hosting account using one of various providers of secure/private/"anonymous" WHOIS services, but even then there is nothing stopping those providers from revealing your IP to a *truly* interested party with enough clout.
    To be blunt I don't believe you.

    I mean sure, you could be using some sort of anonymous proxy to post here, but your current set of questions and the snippet below makes me think that unlikely.

    Again it's hard to gauge your concerns here, they seem muddled. It seems you don't mind it if someone can find the nearest AT&T shop location to you, so you aren't completely paranoid, but if you aren't completely paranoid I don't think you'd have this notion that your IP address is something to be hidden at all costs...

    In summary I don't think I can help you until you become informed enough about what you want to really ask the question you intend. But in the meantime feel free to try out what I mentioned to see if it suits what you think you need. I doubt any of this actually matters at all outside of your head...
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    You know, even if u spoof you ip, or try to use a proxy, anyone that is technical cant still easier find your ip.
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    what you need is an I.P. proxy server.

    google ip proxy server

    outside connections hit the proxy server.
    the proxy server shifts the data from the outward facing IP to your "inside facing" ip
    all the external connection sees is the proxy ip

    it works just like the router on your home network.
    data from you hits the ip assigned by your router then routes it out.
    data in hits the ip of the router and routes it in.

    remember this is not a web proxy like AT&T is giving you. it's an SOCKS proxy which covers all traffic.
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    • Honestly i dont. Haha. I mean i didn't realize how complicated this would be. :p
    Like. I Just want to hide my IP so that when people type it into minecraft, they don't see it. :p
    So that dyndns thing seems to work. Right?

    • Home Machine
    • So basically your saying it would be safer to just throw my IP out there, rather than to use the dyndns thingie?

      I'd like to thank you for putting up with my ignorance and helping me achieve my goal:)

    Basically, your saying that you type it in, and it connects to my "inside" IP?
    That sounds good.

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    If I were you I'd use home machine + dyndns.org, or if you are super worried, consider hosting.

    I don't think you'll find free proxies will accomplish what you want, but I'm prepared to be shown otherwise. The issue I expect you'll have is that most proxies designed to anonymize the flow won't allow others to reach your server inbound...
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    SOCKS proxies do
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    I don't see why you're concerned, I hope you understand that almost every forum Website/mine craft server you join has logged your ip. Its (to my knowledge) impossible for anyone to trace your ip back to your home or obtain any personal info with out going through your isp. Also if you're so concerned about Internet safety, just stop using it.
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    Thank you all for your help:)

    I've decided to go with @ethanrider 's advice and use dyndns.

    If that does not work out well, i always have @fugue2005 's advice.

    I would like to thank you for putting up with me, as i know i can be difficult

    Thanks alot :D

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    Hi. I've been reading this topic and I have a different concern. I'm worried about opening ports in my router. I have 4 computers connected to it, and I'm hosting a server in one of them. The computer where the server is hosted has no sensitive information (no personal data, no identification data, etc.) so if someone hacks it using the advantage of an open port to that computer it would be ok because nothing was stolen. But the other 3 computers have sensitive information that I do not want anyone to get. Is it possible for someone to hack into these computers through the port I opened exclusively for Minecraft in a different computer? I only opened one port and it is not the 25565, I have firewall, anti-virus, system updates, and it is a virtual machine.

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    I recommend making a new thread instead of bumping a super old one.
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    If your connected to the internet your always available to get hacked but the chances are very slim, if someone has your IP they would have to get remote access to your computer and by then you would probably not download any keylogger or any trojan/virus, invading file. So for TLDR, you're pretty much safe.
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    This whole thread is kind of silly. If you don't want people to know your IP then go buy hosting.
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    I'm not worried about people knowing my IP (I mean, you reveal more about yourself, like your ISP, location, browser, OS, screen resolution, just by visiting a webpage than just telling your IP to someone). I'm just worried if a hacker crashes my router and get access to personal info in other computers than my server due to an open port.
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    I'll summarize this all as succinctly as I can:

    - If someone connects to you, regardless of the DNS games you play, they have your IP.
    - You can setup a proxy so they connect to the proxy and never know about your IP, however this is basically another server you would need to setup/pay for to be a middle man. I don't know if you can find a free proxy for this service.
    - If you use a proxy, you still need to secure the ports on it, otherwise they will just walk through your middle man to your main IP

    The practical answer is secure your router (just go through the router's web app and disable anything you don't need, especially remote or WiFi access/etc) and call it a day. If your IP is compromised, most people have dynamic IPs even if they don't know it. Just change your router's mac address cloning, power cycle your modem + router et voila! fresh IP.
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    You're not worried about people knowing your IP, but your worried about people knowing your IP and "crashing" your router, makes sense.
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    Stop suggesting proxies. Most are slow and may have a chance of another person hosting a minecraft server, causing conflict.

    Use DynDns or connect to a friend's network. Your IP will change if you connect to another network, thus giving you a "fake ip". However, there is no true way of getting a fake IP, besides proxies, however, read the bold text. Proxies are used for being anonymous on the internet, not hosting a server.
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    Thanks, DynDns is really good, it's working for me.It is better than proxies. Proxies assigned me a anonymous on the internet.I liked this way to get fake ip. Also i checked the ip details at Ip-Details.com .Here i got fake ip results only. I am happy now :D ..
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    hey I went on this minecraft server and they said my IP address and then traced it back to where I actually live. I am worried about this, is there a way to hide my IP for when I go on other minecraft servers?
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