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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrMime22, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Getting this issue from today, seems like its not only my server, any help?
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    Im not sure what causes this but how I fix it is to completely close and reopen the client. Then when on the server list. Do not double click the server name. Single click the server then click the Join Server button on the lower left.
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    Is this on your own server? If not are you getting this issue on more than 3 servers atleast? If its your server, do you happen to be running NoLagg or BkcommonLIB?
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    What plugins are you using?
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    Hello, i dont think its a plugin, think its Minecraft or a bukkit error, since so many servers have this issue currently.

    Plugins (58): RealWeather, HardcoreDeathBan, ColourMotd, GroupManager, BukkitCompat, FastSoup, FusionJoin, Buycraft, Vault, AntiRelog, Wither, RuleBook, HelpTheNoobs, Shopkeepers, DisguiseCraft, CraftBay, AntiAdvertising, Permissions, SafeCreative, LegendaryDamage, FancyText, DrugMeUp, PluginSpy, Tracking-Plugin, Votifier, GAListener, Citizens, LagMeter, HideStream, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, FleetingDisguises, TagAPI, ArmorAbilities, SimpleExtras, MCdigr, WorldGuard, boosCooldowns, mChatSuite, OPLock, LimitedCreative, BKCommonLib, ZavAutoMessager, Auto arm, MoneyDrop, Essentials, MobDisguisePVPControl, SilkSpawners, MagicSpells, NoLagg, My Worlds, EssentialsChat, MobArena, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, NameTags, EssentialsAntiBuild, Factions

    Restarting your client fixes the issue, untill you next logout 1-4 times, so it must be minecraft


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  6. same for me 4 hours ago but everything works great now
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    are you running nolagg or bkcommonlib?
  8. nope
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    It did it for me once. If it does it again, just wait for 10-30 seconds.
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    Ya think its normal? So i must not be worried about my server?
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    Same here...Ima server owner, noticed this just started today. All new players can NOT connect.
    Existing server players, about half can login. :'(

    Server address: ;)
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    its bukkit its not mojang
    bukkit has a bug
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    Still getting this error
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    Not a Bukkit bug. If you look into the Bukkit source code, it never once mention "Failed to login: Error" anywhere in its source code.

    Whether or not it is Mojang, I do not know, as I have yet to decompile Minecraft to verify. It may be Mojang, or it may be a popular plugin doing something nasty that its not supposed to.
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    This is not a plugin issue neither a config issue.
    Minecraft session servers have been experiencing some problems since the last 24 hours.
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    I'm also having this issue.
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    I restarted my server and it fixed the problem for me.
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    If restarting the client doesn't fix the problem, then choose Direct Connect instead of double clicking on server name.
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    Whenever I have this issue... I wait 5-10 seconds... then join again... it works. Maybe it's just me.
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    Its issue have start on my Premium server right now? Someone fix this?
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    I have the same issue, and so does one of my friends. No matter what server I try to connect to, it just says "Failed To Login: Error". I have tried restarting minecraft, restarting the server, nothing works. Anyone have a solution to this?
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    Thanks, will try when its back to all green. Will post again if there is no change.
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    Its on and off right now, so might wanna give it an hour before its fully restored :)
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    Mojang dedicated problem!
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    Its been like it for an hour now :( sort it out Mojang!
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