"Failed to Bind to Port"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xdenar, Jun 8, 2011.

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    so i set up a Bukkit server, and i can connect through local host, but when i try inputting my Ip that i want, and run it, it tells me its unable to bind to port, and that another server may be running off the port, iM not exactly sure what to do, do i HAVE to use himachi for this? Ive prefure not to as himachi sux, can any 1 help, And before you say, ive got my port forwarded for Minecraft, unless theres another port i need for bukkit, that should be fine
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    Do you use a mac,
    if so change your ip so it matches the number in server.properties
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    its a pc :s
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    sorry thats out of my field of experience

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    thanks any way
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    Benjamin Kish

    Yah I'm having the same exact problem, and am also looking for a fix. Any hints anyone?
  7. Since I don't use a PC, I can't help much. Have you searched it using the search bar in the top right corner? If not, that's the first thing I would do.
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    Wait so you change in the server.properties ip= to your ip? Don't do that, leave it blank! Go to www.whatsmyip.org and connect to that ip with your server up. If it works thats the ip you give to your users! Thats how simple it is, never change ip= to anything.
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    Yea ive tried using my own Ip, but it says connection times out
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    Can you please post your server.properties file? Also are you getting the error on the server or the client when you connect?
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    #Minecraft server properties
    #Wed Jun 08 16:26:18 BST 2011

    i start up th "Start.bat" and it works fine, then when i connect using my own Ip, it dosnt let me into my server it just tells me that the connection timed out

    and if i put in an Ip at the place where it say i .properties, ( as i was told to before) it tells me it failed to bind to port

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    So does it say "Failed to bind port" when you join, or in the console? I had this issue I think you're having before.
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    make sure your ip is static
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    Pretty sure you are running a server already without knowing it? Go to the processes in the task manager, look for javaw.exe and end the process. (then restart your server) Hope this helps, let me know.
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    For the "Failed to bind to port" issue:

    - Open Task Manager -> Look for the 'Processes' tab.
    - Filter the process tab by clicking on 'Image Name' and attempt to find the following (depends on some computers)
    • javaw.exe
    • java.exe
    • Other variations of 'java.exe' that I am not aware of
    - Kill these processes if they do exist. This is your server running in the background and using the port specified.

    This is a possible fix, there are other plenty of ways that the bind to port may fail. I have noticed Windows is likely to do this in some cases and my Debian Linux has done it twice already. Sometimes killing the server not properly may keep the server (java.exe) going, which just eats up space.

    Again this is just one of the many other possibles issues, this one wasn't just mentioned.
    For linux issues regarding this same issue I may be able to help, but I use VNC so :p

    @ThePoopfish: Beat me to it. :D
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    Definitely leave the server-ip blank. Are you trying to connect via your computer's private ip? or your router's public ip? (if the later, have you made sure to forward port 25565 to your private ip?)
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    Ok yes this may hlp i had my old sevrer running on same pc it may be that, let me check that now

    I cant find any java.exe is there any other well known variations of this?
    and would it be under "User" or System? or other? in the uder name field of the tab

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    :] haha, but yeah are there any other users on your computer because then you will need to view processes for all users....
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