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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CosmicRainHD, Dec 7, 2012.

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    So for my pvp server i want to disable claiming land in the plugin "Factions", but i do not know the permission node for it
    Does anyone know the permission nodes please help
    Thank you
    i specifically want to disable /f claim
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    follow you, i shall not, because those were not the nodes, that was just the in faction permission commands! what he (and i) want is the nodes. the nodes are used in plugins like PEX and just in the permissions.yml file.
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    Yes but what nodes do we give regular players versus ops etc? I can find NOTHING to explain this!
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    The ones you think regular players should have depending on the node description?
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    Why did you put all that in there Necrodoom? I'm asking which Factions nodes a normal player ought to be allowed to have, basically. I FINALLY found someone's sample perms for their various groups to help me determine which would be safe. I'm not a Factions player; but my server players want this as part of our server. It's been driving me mad not to see node suggestions for various players anywhere. It states that the permissions default to true; but in Group Manager I'm aware that I must put the nodes in to be able to use Factions commands at all. What ones? They are all trussed in together in the Factions wiki! What do the kits 0 and 1 etc grant, for example; are they for op or safe for players? Of course a lot of the nodes are obvious as to their use; but others are not. What I don't get is why the listed commands, listed on the 'permissions' link in the Factions wiki, are not set with their corresponding permission node; then I would know more safely what each node actually does! This is how I prefer to see plugin permissions outlined.
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    Kezza Groupmanager doesnt break node default settings. Default faction nodes will work fine.
    Also, did you mean my signature?
    Also, if a node description is not enough informative for you, test it out yourself and see what it does. People cannot tell you what nodes are safe to users or not, because it largely depends on what kind of server you want or not.
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    I see. Well lol I think I've been giving the players far too much power, as one fac has ended up with thousands of power points in no time, with 3 players....
    The default nodes are what I've now gone with, but that was not very clearly laid out in the factions wiki, i think. And I still say, it would be good for a bit more info on them.
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