Factions: Block Breaking in Enemy Claims

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    Factions: Block Breaking in Enemy Claims

    Plugin Category: Mechanics

    What I Want: Hello everyone, I've been wanting to be able to have players in a faction attack an enemy faction and be able to break blocks at a speed that scales for how many players that are online in the faction and in the claim itself.

    1. When there's one player in the faction claims, the timer it takes for blocks to break by enemy players in the claim is at default level. (very long time)

    If a raid begins, a giant faction will take forever to break blocks, allowing the one player online to re-enforce that of what is broken and defend.

    2. if a faction with a lot of players is in their own faction claims, the timer is lowered meaning blocks are easier to break by enemy factions.

    However more players online means more ability to defend and replace that of what has been broken.

    3. If no player is online, default online mode will become offline after a certain time making it so faction claims cannot be broken.

    The Idea: If you walk out of your faction claims, the blocks in the claims will take longer to break by another player. If the entire faction decides to retreat from their claims in order to protect it, they will be out of their claim and can be chased down, hunted.

    Neutral factions shouldn't be able to break blocks either.

    In a scenario where one guy is attacking a large faction, If one guy is invisible and attempting to go for the chests, the large faction would already have players doing perimeter checks to ensure there's no intruders.

    When I'd like it by: Very soon if anyone can, there may already be a plugin that works with Factions but I haven't found it
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    Is something like this even possible with Towny or Factions?


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