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    Plugin category: Roleplaying, Fun

    Suggested name: Global Factions

    What I want: I'd like to see an addon for the popular Factions plugin, basically adding 'global factions' to the game. Players can be added to a global faction with a command (console/permission?) and every faction an user creates inherites the default flags and perms for their faction.

    Also, being part of a global faction denies a player to invite players from other global factions, and factions of the same global faction cannot enemy each other. Why would I want this? On our server players choose a race, I would like to make 4 race 'global factions'. Whenever the user chooses a race a console command will be run (without a message to the user, if possible) and forces the player to join the global faction. A player won't be able to leave this faction, and this way players can only form factions with players of the same race, and not enemy each other.

    If possible, I would like an extra addition: PvP will be disabled by default between players of the same race, unless they both agree to a fight. Maybe hook into http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/duelme/ ?

    Ideas for commands: /gf add <player> <global faction> and /gf remove <player> <global faction>

    Ideas for permissions: globalfaction.add and globalfaction.remove ?

    When I'd like it by: Asap, but take your time :)
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    Instead of a whole plugin being written for this, have the console run a certain command to add the player to a command using commandSigns or some similar plugin.
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    That's already my idea, except I want players to be able to be in a 'global' faction (so being part of 2 factions with stated limitations, basically).
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