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    I know that there is a plugin like this already on bukkitdev, but it is severely outdated. I would like a plugin, that hooks into factions, where your faction can have research points that can be spent for permissions. I would like a custom configuration, or at least a command to create a researched permission. That permission then leaves the player if they leave a faction, and it gets granted to the player if he or she joins a faction that has that permission researched. This is extremely important on my server, and will add a whole new aspect. I plan for this plugin to be used in conjunction with the crackshot guns plugin.
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    I know of a plugin that can maybe provide this for you. The link is in my signature and it currently can grant permissions at key levels for a skill you make in the config. It can support up to 13 skills displayed at once on the right side of the screen and updates as you do stuff. You could make it so that a research skill requires Exp to go up a level using the plugin which would be performed by the console command
    /cpa <player> <skill> <exp>
    The only thing is that I'm not sure how you'd have the permission removed when they leave the faction. One rough idea I have is that you could use Skript and have it detect when a player uses the faction leave command and if they have a detected permission, it removes it from them using your permission plugin's command to do so(one that doesn't require a plugin reload to take effect).

    It's going to get complicated but I can help you out with this idea if you're interested. I suggest watching the video in my signature to get an idea of how experience gain works for skills and then get back to me if it's something you want to work with. I will also help you with Skript too and will test it alongside you on a test server I have.

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    You know, you have a good idea. I am not fairly familiar with skript though. I guess it would be better off though if the player got permissions, rather than the faction. I plan for some of the skills to be based on weapon types. I do have my own server, but if you could offer support, I would be dearly thankful. But, I would kind of like it if the player "generates" xp points for a selected skill while they are online.
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    Yeah let's set something up. We could go with Skype so you have real-time support or I could join your server and help you set it up with you reloading the skript. Send me a PM with which one you'd prefer or even both is fine.

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