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    Plugin Catagory: Moderation

    Suggested Name: EZModChat

    What i want: basically what i was thinking was that this plugin makes it easier to moderate swearing and spam. what it will do is say theres a guy saying;
    and so on staff members who have the permission to allow them to see this plugin will see in chat ' The user <Name> is <Issue> in chat : [Kick] [Ban] [TempBan] [Mute] [Warn]'
    'The user DigitalLife2352 is Swearing in chat Click one of the following: [Kick] [Ban] [TempBan] [Mute] [Warn]
    when the staff clicks one of the buttons in chat will auto fill in the reason for the kick editable in the config, also if one staff clicks something and another trys to click it will say
    'Action has allready been taken'.
    also players will be allowed to issue reports in the config : it would show:
    Custom: '@9The user &3{username} &9 {Reasonreported} &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}. and under commands it is /EzMc report <player> <Reason> --> '<Reason>' would become {Reasonreported} in config.
    also i was thinking if there is a way to add a anti hack into this.

    i thought the config would be like
    Swearing: '@9The user &3{username} &9is swearing in chat &bClick one of the following&9: &3[Kick] [Ban] [TempBan] [Mute] [Warn].
    Spamming: '@9The user &3{username} &9is Spamming in chat &bClick one of the following&9: &3[Kick] [Ban] [TempBan] [Mute] [Warn].
    Block: '@9The user &3{username} &9is interacting with blocks too fast &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}.
    Fly: '@9The user &3{username} &9is Flying without perms &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}.
    aura: '@9The user &3{username} &9seems to be using Aura Hacks &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}.
    Anitknockback: '@9The user &3{username} &9seems to have antiknockback &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}.
    Custom: '@9The user &3{username} &9 {Reasonreported} &bClick the following&9: &3[Vanish] Then [Tp] {User}.
    and so on
    - DigitalLife2352
    - Etc

    and so on.

    Ideas for commands:
    /EzMc reload
    /EzMc hystory --> history of reports
    /Ezmc Report <player> <Issue>
    Ideas For Permissions:
    ezmc.default -----> default member commands i.e ezmc.report.
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