Extremely Configurable Kits

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by mrdude123, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Plugin name: ConfigKits
    (Example config)
    potioneffect1: SPEED 2
    potioneffect2: SLOW 1
    potioneffect3: DAMAGE_RESISTANCE 3
    potioneffect4: [] (Note: This means there is no potion effect in this category)
    helmet: [] (Note: The "[]" means there is no armor in this slot)
    chestplate: [] (Note: The "[]" means there is no armor in this slot)
    leggings: [] (Note: The "[]" means there is no armor in this slot)
    boots: LEATHER_BOOTS
    warmuptime(in seconds!): X amount of seconds

    In order for the kit to work, the user must have on all required pieces of armor at once.

    Commands: By doing /kits add {name} , it adds a new class to the config for you to configurate. So then the config would look like this.
    /kits reload , reloads the plugin and the config.

    When the kit is "warming up" the player wielding the kit will get a message in their chat saying this (With these colors):

    Kit {kitname} warming up in {seconds} seconds!

    That is it! (I know it's a big one :( )

    Thank you so much for helping me with this plugin if you choose to help me with it. If you decide not to do it, have a good day regardless. :)

    EDIT: I don't want it anymore. -_________-
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    Just use essentials and have potions in the kits... I doubt any developer wants to wants to spend time on another kit plugin... there are hundreds of them already made.
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    @jackjorge If you want someone to be more likely to see your post, then Tahg or quote them!
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    @jackjorge This isn't a kit plugin, and I have yet to see a PUBLIC rendition of what I want. If I wanted to use essentials, and potions, I would've by now.
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    @mrdude123 I would do it. And [] means that it is a array of things..
    Multiple armour is not really possible, excluding Disco armour.
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    @Experminator Okay, sure thing. If I can't mix armor pieces it's fine. Keep in mind, when the kit is warming up, there are no effects until it's done warming up.
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    Use KingKits?
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    @mrdude123 I said that [] means that it is a array. But you can't have multiple helmets at the same time.
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    Just use KitAdder. It looks at your inventory and saves that as a kit. But then again, you do need Essentials to run in..
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    @Jaredcast Or you use 'Kits' that has also support for GUI modifying kits.
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