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Discussion in 'Resources' started by turt2live, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Metrics Extension (called EMetrics here) is a layer for plugin authors to use when wanting to implement Metrics (found here). EMetrics is a (fairly) simple library to use and takes little to no effort to implement.

    I found that in a lot of my plugins I was using the same code, so I wrote EMetrics to help solve the issues I was having.

    Great! How do I use it?
    First off, Maven is STRONGLY suggested for this. Maven 3 is the ideal maven version to use. Now that you have your project all Mavened up, a tutorial on how to use EMetrics can be found by reading the README at the GitHub Repository.

    How does this differ from Plugin Metrics?
    EMetrics handles the disable of your plugin differently by sending the data to mcstats.org right then and there. EMetrics does it's flush due to the regular Metrics class missing functionality for onDisable() sending. Please note: EMetrics does the flush automatically and only needs to be enabled (see the example) in order to function. Besides that note, EMetrics is Plugin Metrics at heart.

    Information / Resources
    Questions? Concerns? Complaints?

    Leave questions and concerns down below. Bugs and feature requests should use the above link. Bugs and feature requests may be ignored or overlooked if they are not on the issue system.
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    What was wrong with Metrics?
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    It doesn't have an extensive API to allow you to create all sorts of graphs with ease.

    EMetrics does nothing more than add that API
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    Love this nice looking API. I got to laughing at myself after I found this API that adds extensive things to plugin metrics ACTUALLY ON THE METRICS SITE. It's like metricsception. :D
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    could you please upload a compiled version of EMetrics i cant compile it dont konow why -.-"
  6. JavaDocs link broken
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    It's not supposed to be distributed in a compiled form. It's supposed to be used within the plugin through Maven or copy/paste source.
    Fixed, thanks.
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    ok i will try it
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