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  1. Minecraft version: 1.12 (if it works up to 1.16 thats cool too)

    Suggested name: ExplosiveBlocks

    What I want: A plugin that would allow you to set X block ID to have its own explosion damage (custom radius/explosion power ideally), upon that block ID being blown up by tnt. The idea is i'd use them as gasbags/gasblocks which would collaterly explode upon one block being blown up. I'm not looking for them to function like tnt in regards to being set on fire they explode.

    I did some asking around if this was even possible, someone told me... you can create your own explosion and control all the parameters using ''world.createExplosion(location, radius, fire)'' and tune down the radius to make it have less damage. Note that if you want this to be trigger by TNT, listen for EntityExplodeEvent and they'll have a list of blocks that are damaged in the explosion of an TNT. Then you can create your own explosion.

    Many thanks for reading. If anyone fancies making it let me know!
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    Hi, I went ahead and made this.


    Example config:

    # Valid Triggers:
    # Explosions - TNT, Creepers, etc.
    # Fire - Flint & Steel, Firespread, lava, etc.
    # Arrow - Regular arrow lands on block
    # FireArrow - Arrow on fire lands on block
    # Redstone - Block is powered by redstone
    # Click - Player clicks on block (left click)
    # RightClick - Player right clicks on block
    # Break - Block is broken
    # Move - Block is moved
    # Custom - Custom explosion (ie plugins)
    MaxExplosives: 1 # Max explosives per second
    - ==: Explosive
      Material: STONE
      BreakBlocks: true
      Fire: false
      Power: 10.5
      - explosion
      - rightclick
    - ==: Explosive
      Material: OBSIDIAN
      Power: 5
      - BREAK
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  4. Thanks a lot!! I've just tested it, the trigger variations is great. Its not the be all, but ive noticed that explosions of X material doesn't seem to collateral in terms of firing off other blocks. It seems to explode one block off at a time even if its say a bunch of tnt flying towards the target from a cannon. Might be quite limited spigot/mojang wise so no worries if its not possible il still find a use! Thanks again.

    EDIT: if its possible to add Firecharges entity as an option for the trigger that would be great. I tried adding fire but for non firespread blocks it doesn't catch.
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    That's intended to prevent the server crashing from say stone exploding all other stone. You can change the MaxExplosives in the config to allow for more per second. I'll look into the Firecharge entity being able to trigger it.
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