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  1. Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: ExpGainHolo

    What I want: I like to request a plugin that would use Holographic Displays to create a temporary holo message show an exp gained where animals/monsters are slain and any block that gives experiences when mined. (example: coal)

    The actual dropped experiences should be added to the player (killer/miner) and remove the experience orb dropped in the process. Also to send a chat message with lowest priority would send to player as well.

    ***This was requested awhile back and it was never filled so I am trying again.

    Thank you for reading.

    #How long holo message would stay and then despawn.
    time: 50 (ticks) or 2.5 seconds.
    #Toggles holo messages
    animals: true
    monsters: true
    blocks: true

    #Message to send player in chat, when nothing is set. it would not send a chat message.
    CHAT-MSG: "&cYou got experience!!"

    #Message to be shown on hologram
    HOLO-MSG: "&b{player} &eEXP: &6{exp}"

    Holographic Displays
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