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    Version: 1.8

    What I want: I need an item created with the exact name and lore presented in the pictures copied to this post.
    The item is called an exp cannon, and its function is to throw exp bottles. As the exp cannon increases it will level up and start to throw more bottles faster.
    Question: can exp bottles be coded to be thrown faster than the regular speed in vanilla minecraft?
    Example Config (idk how these have to be set up but this will give you an idea of what I want to edit each level to do)

    'Level 1'
    Amount: {The amount of bottles needed to be thrown until this level is reached. If it is 0 then that is the level it starts out at}
    Speed: {This will be the speed at which the bottles are thrown. If going above vanilla speed is not possible, I still want to go below vanilla speed on lower levels.}
    Boost: {This will be the amount of bottles being thrown at once. If the number here is 1 then only one will be thrown, if it is 2 2 bottles will be thrown at once.}
    Item: {I want the item to "prestige" as the ranks increase, the item will be an iron horse armour but when a player reaches a certain level I want the item to change into a gold horse armour. When a player reaches the amount of thrown bottles necessary to reach that level, it will automatically replace the item, keeping the same name and lore.
    Glow: (true/false) {Again, as they "prestige" I want certain levels, the item to be glowing.}
    'Level 2'

    (Set this up however you like, just make sure all of the features are there)

    This is how the item will be named and set up (visual example in the pictures)

    Name: &d&k&l!!&6&lEXP Cannon &f[&9Level {Whatever the level is at}&f]&d&k&l!!

    Lore: {Can you make this configurable per line?}
    'Fires Exp Bottles'
    'The more you throw, the higher the level will grow'
    &b&lBottles Thrown: &f{The amount of total bottles ever thrown by the cannon}

    Commands: /expcannon give {player} {level of Cannon} (if level of cannon alias is blank than level 1) Perms: expcannon.admin

    Usage of cannon is default permissions.

    91.png 92.png 93.png 94.png 95.png 96.png

    NOTE: is there anyway you can get rid of the "Miscellaneous from the lore?, If so leave a space in between that title and the desired lore. Also keep any enchants off the item, if the item glows, dont have infinity or anything on it.

    Thank you.

    Complete By: IDC anywhere in the next week or so
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    Do you want to change the speed a player throws a bottle or the speed at which a bottle flies?
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    the speed at which the player throws the bottle
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