Execute Multiple Commands with just 1 Command?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tehseano, Feb 24, 2011.

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    The only plugin I saw that "can" do this, was CommandHelper. However that plugin doesn't seem to work well with other plugins... for example:

    I want to make a command like: '/saveserver'

    When executed, it would run the command lines:

    /cookies admin save-all

    Additional any other plugins I might have that have their own saving functions could be added to that list to be executed from just running one command. I've searched a bit, and maybe I'm just using the wrong terms, but I can't find a plugin that can do this. CommandHelper will only execute the server command save-all when attempting the example listed above.

    Can anyone create this plugin?
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    Do like a plugin you could configure to run different commands? So you could do:
    Output=/kill all
    That would be pretty sweet, nice idea!
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    This would be really nice!

    Anyone know of any existing plugins with similar functionality?
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    You can run multiple commands with commandhelper.

    /plugin = >>>


    /plugin = /command1 \
    /command2 \

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