Exactly how i want the config!

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    # ParticlePack by TheKomputerKing
    # Configuration File

    # Names and lores of items in menu
    # You may use '&' for colors

    notesname: '&cNote Pack'
    noteslore: '&7Enable the note package'
    heartsname: '&cHeart Pack'
    heartslore: '&7Enable the heart package'
    smokename: '&cSmoke Pack'
    smokelore: '&7Enable the smoke package'
    snowballname: '&cSnow Pack'
    snowballlore: '&7Enable the snow package'
    angername: '&cAngry Package'
    angerlore: '&7Enable the angry package'
    watername: '&cWater Pack'
    waterlore: '&7Enable the water package'
    slimename: '&cSlime Pack'
    slimelore: '&7Enable the slime package'
    firename: '&cFlame Package'
    firelore: '&7Enable the flame package'
    clearname: '&cDisable'
    clearlore: '&4Disable current particle pack'

    # Message recieved by player when permission is denied.
    permissiondenied: '&cYou don't have access to the Particle Pack! &cBuy VIP at &6colonymc.buycraft.net'

    Change the green message from Effects cleared and now using {name} effect to

    "&7Enabled {name} pack"
    "&cParticle pack disabled"
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    ._. Nice request.
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    AW EM JI I want to make this plugin,gonna work hard on this one will be ready in about 2-3 years
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    oh he he he he
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    lol pissed of a bunch of people... ha the internet!

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