Everyone can build on spawn, but only op can destroy.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hypermegazord, Jul 18, 2014.

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    I've got a problem that is everyone can build anything on the spawn, but they can't destroy. I don't want them to build or destroy on the spawn, but I don't know how.

    Here's a video to show the problem:

    And there's a list of plugins, if needed:

  2. try: /rg flag spawn build deny (I think it would work)
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    I've did it, you can see it at chat log at 0:05 on video. It doesn't worked...
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    I might be wrong but if you have WorldGuard, you don't need EssentialsProtect or EssentialsAntiBuild.

    Select the block you spawn in using a wood axe by left-clicking it and then right-clicking it. This does a WorldEdit selection box of just that block, now type the following commands to create a region that will protect spawn (assuming you want your spawn to be protected 20 blocks out in each direction:

    //expand 20 n
    //expand 20 e
    //expand 20 s
    //expand 20 w
    //expand vert
    /region define spawn Ultramegazoid
    /region flag spawn pvp deny
    /region flag spawn mob-spawning deny
    This will allow you to edit spawn but nobody else should be able to place/break blocks in that 41 x 41 x 256 region.

    Since WorldGuard is doing the protecting (no need to double-protect and complicate matters), you might also want to make sure the following is set to zero in server.properties:
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    Worldguard covers essentialsprotect features, but not essentialsantibuild permission based antibuild features.
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