Problem/Bug Every level requires same amount of exp

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Raepheles, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Recently I found out that every level requires 17 exp. First I saw that at level 0 to become level 1 it requires 17 exp and it should have been 7. Then after leveling up I saw that it still requires 17 exp. What is causing this?

    Plugins I use:

    - AttributeHider
    - ColoredSigns
    - DisableEXP (Eventho it's related to exp it just disables the exp drops from certain things like mob, ore mining, cooking at furnace etc. simple plugin)
    - HeroChat
    - ItemLoreStats (Asked the author he said this plugin doesn't change exp.)
    - killStats
    - Modifyworld
    - multiworld
    - Openinv
    - PermissionsEx
    - ProtocolLib
    - SleepPercentage
    - Vault
    - WelcomeMessagezz
    - Whitelist (This plugin is broken anyway gonna erase it)
    - WorldBorder
    - worldedit
    - WorldGuard
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    XP levels now cost 17 XP Orbs each until level 16, after which the cost per level grows linearly, and the total XP grows quadratically (incorrectly stated "exponentially" by Mojang). However, it is easier to get to 30 levels than it was before 12w22a.
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