[EULA] Will our project be disallowed?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by valon750, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Evening all,

    Well I'm certainly hoping I'm alright in posting such a topic, I simply need some clarification so I can not only save my group some time, but save me a lot of development time also.

    The following is a blatant copy-pasta from my message to grum, where I asked if he would mind clarifying this for me, to which he responds with "yes, I would mind.".

    Hopefully someone here will be able to shine some light on the subject,
    Thanks all, cookies are awaiting!

    Side note: Apparently the quote tags were really unhappy about posting this, as it kept cutting it off after the first paragraph..
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    Ask a lawyer after there is a new EULA.
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    to which he responds with "yes, I would mind.".
    What? Grum blatantly being unfriendly toward a member of the Minecraft community? I'm quite offended that Grum would say that.
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    We were just talking about that in another thread. Nobody's actually enforcing the new EULA. Feel free to continue obtaining currency.
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    LEOcab you don't actually know if its enforced or not, yet.
    Encouraging people to break EULA is something you shouldn't do anyway.
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    Fair point. I bet you 0.001 bitcoin that they won't lift a finger unless they want to shut down some big server for some other reason than them selling items to players.
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    LEOcab I'm not sure why speculation helps here.
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    It doesn't. I'm just hoping some gullible kid will read my posts on here and not make any unnecessary drastic changes to his server because of all this EULA hype. Not that I care about servers ran by gullible kids. I guess I'm feeling generous & it's my day off so I'm hanging out with fellow Bukkit users.
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    Instead of betting 0.0001 Bitcoin, why don't you offer that you take full responsibility for servers, if Mojang takes actions against them because the listened to your advice?

    You're playing with fire and you're encuraging others to do so. It's only a matter of time until someone burned.

    (By 'offer' I mean that you close a contract with them, that you're required to follow by law - just like the EULA.)
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    Because I have bitcoins. Responsibility, not so much.

    Seriously, though. I respect that you're taking a stance far from the fire line. There's nothing wrong with playing it safe. I'm speaking from experience, though, I've been on the internet long enough to say with a high degree of confidence that it's safe for the vast majority of server owners to ignore Mojang's warning. I'm not telling people to play with fire, I'm telling people to play with flammable oil because I know that nobody has a match anywhere nearby.

    Depending on each server's player base (age, region, income, maturity, gameplay style, etc.), the ratio of donors who pay for goods versus donors who pay to keep the server alive can vary. The benefit of not having to cut back on hardware right now in the expectation of lower income outweighs the low risk of getting a whiny letter from Notch himself. Even if you do get a letter, you can make the changes then instead of now, AND you get to frame it on your wall as an accomplishment. He better sign those C&D's, though.
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    You BELIEVE there is no match around, but you can't know it for sure.
    The grace peroid is over for 4 days now, where 2 of them were weekend. It's impossible to make reliable observations in this short time about Mojangs enforcement protocol.

    It's also bad behaviour to ignore Mojangs wishes just to make more money with P2W crap.

    Also, as you hope to reach "gullible" kids, I have to warn them about another thing:
    If someone gets something for giving you money, it's a sale, not a donation.
    And for sales there are some laws, which may change from country to country, but they all tend to say: you have to pay taxes for that.
    Not doing so might bring you way bigger troubles than ignoring the Minecraft EULA - a process because of tax evasion. (And that's going to be expensive...)
  13. LEOcab You really can't bring yourself to understand that avoidance of punishment really isn't the only reason to follow rules, can you?
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    EULA applies only to their server hosting technically this is the min craft hosting your buy from their website so it doesn't apply necessary
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    It's the only tangible reason, at least in this case. Maybe if I had a family member or a close friend working for Mojang I would comply out of respect to that person, but I don't.

    What is YOUR reason, AdamQpzm ?

    I BELIEVE, yes, thanks for the correction. I guess only time will tell, eh? :)
    Oh, the tax issue again. I guess it's the same choice between 100% compliance and 0.01% risk of getting in any real trouble. Find me ONE server owner who actually reports server donations to his/her tax agency every year. For the record, I don't keep a cent of what the server gets, and I couldn't afford to even if I wanted to.

    Look, FBI, I just embezzled a whole dollar from my Minecraft server tip jar. Come get me, I'm a big bad tax evador!!1
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    LEOcab ah, so you basically break the law, saying that its ok to break the law because YOLO?

    Laws are there for a reason. Claiming you break them because "no one cares" is not a very good defence.
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    The tax issue might not be that big, as many servers might be so small, that they fall under the radar (or these laws simply don't apply to them, as they make not enough money), but I'm pretty sure that these huge networks pay taxes.

    And based on the money they have to pay for their servers, I guess they don't have such a small income that it's not worth it to collect taxes. ;)
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    I can't argue that the term 'YOLO' does accurately describe my philosophical stance on the subject at hand. You only live once, you gotta take some risks as long as they're educated ones.

    Then again, why am I hanging out with you folks on a sunny Saturday morning when I could be out partying at the beach? I'll leave it at that to avoid sounding like a hypocrite. *bursts into lonely tears*
    Yeah, there's that too.
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    I agree with LEOcab
    My server has about 500 players on average, and I am 100% confident Mojang will not shut it down. Really, I think only Hive, Hypixel, MCPVP, and etc have to worry.
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    I think this EULA sucks.
    I understand where they are coming from.
    You could always make your own custom jars, with a little bit of modded classes.
    *cough cough EULA.class DedicatedServer.class*
    Sorry, I've had a cold all day.
    Anyways, you should follow the EULA for now, but if you break it, no promises you'll be untouchable.

    OFFTOPIC: I thought you post said, "[EULA] Will our project be swallowed?"
  21. What?
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    AdamQpzm something along the lines of "I coded something to agree to EULA for me so I wouldn't do so myself and be exempt from it" which is null.
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  23. Necrodoom Oh, makes sense now. Well that doesn't make sense, but you know what I mean.
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    I was under a cold this morning, but to the tun of what your saying.
    I think AdamQpzm is saying something along the lines of.
    Delete the EULA.class and remove the following lines from DedicatedServer.class,

      private EULA n;
    oh, and

    this.n = new EULA(new File("eula.txt"));
        if (!this.n.a()) {
          i.info("You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the server. Go to eula.txt for more info.");
          return false;
    But I think his idea is completely ludicrous, and un-orthodox and should not be done under and circumstances.
    *cough cough wink wink*
    Again, don't try his interpretation of what he may have though I said. ;)


  25. BlueMustache Deleting the EULA, as much as this may surprise you, does not exclude you from it.
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    BlueMustache and by that, you managed to do absolutely nothing, because you just confirmed you know what the EULA is, and by running the server you have agreed to it. Please don't tell people to try such ridiculous attempts to bypass EULA when all it does is strengthen the case against you.
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    Marten Mooij

    First off I think that would be a great idea (Having to accept The EULA's terms and conditions) Secondly does Minecraft have a rules page for things you can and can't do?
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    Agreed, I don't think any of the servers I play on do anything.
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    Preeetty sure you're not allowed to do this...
  30. TheHandfish You're allowed to do it, but it doesn't change anything.
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