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    Plugin category: AntiSwear

    Suggested name: EtherealSwear

    What I want:
    I would like a plugin that can mute chat for everyone except for the people who have the permission to talk while the chat is muted and for Admins/OPS who don't need the perms. And when players swear I would like for it to notify an admin that has the permission to see if a player swore. Also could the messages be configurable in the config.yml

    Ideas for commands: /mute chat

    Ideas for permissions: etherealswear.admin.notify (notify's an admin when someone swears)
    - etherealswear.mutechat (command /mute chat)
    - (talk while the chat is muted for the server)

    When I'd like it by: Preferably today, but ASAP

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    @IMrSharkI Developers need a list of 'swear' words if you want them hardcoded, or there could be a list in the config which you can change.
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    @Skionz i would like them to be configurable in the config :)
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    Anti-swear plugins seem really easy to make, but 1. if it's configurable, the server owner has to be the one to type in those words (the main reason I didn't get one for my server), and 2. there are tons of ways around the system, for example, @$$, or making the dollar signs S's, etc. It'd take a lot of time to configure all of those.
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    @pookeythekid I know but I'm up for it if you or someone would like to make it
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    Here is the exact plugin that you are looking for. It has more features you might want to take a look at. Chat Control
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    @awesone_ness thats not the plugin im really going for :( Is anyone else going to try to attempt to make this plugin? If you do thank you so so much!
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