EssentialsX not reloading, kits not updating.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SkeleSpero, Jul 27, 2021.

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    Hi, i am having a couple issues with essentials. First, it's not letting me use the /essentials reload command in game or in console. I get this error message: Error: Cannot invoke "" because "this.jda" is null

    Second, the new kits I add through kits.yml are not updating in game. Even if I save the kits.yml in the server files, it doesn't update and goes back to the default kits. I can add kits in game just fine, but I'd prefer to do it through files

    here is the pastebin for my essentialsx config.yml :
    and here is the pastebin for kits.yml after setting up kits through in-game commands :

    even after adding the kits though commands, all the kits are free and not costing money, like I thought I set up in the config. The only kit that should be free is newbie.
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    a little update: I've tried messing with my config file more because I realized I should probably have the "kit-farmer: 500" lines too, but now when I try to change the command costs in the config, every time I restart my server it generates a new config and renames the config with the command costs config-broken(some random numbers and letters).yml. This doesn't change other things I've changed in my essentials config like TNT and creeper explosions turned off, so I'm just really confused.
    I noticed I had a bunch of kit-broken(random numbers and letters).yml files too, but when I looked at the current kit.yml it was the same as what's in my pastebin, aka the correct kits I want to use.
    And the kits load just fine in game btw. If I do /kit farmer, it gives me all the stuff I included in the farmer kit, it just doesn't deduct $500 from my balance.

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