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    Hey i was wondering if anyone could edit a file in essentials for me and send me it?
    I need a custom language file, as in where it states the text such as Teleporting and all that. I just want the text coloured Aqua (Test) and Light Red (Test). The Light Red would be something such as warp names, commands in /help, page numbers, seconds till tp, kit names, etc.

    Lemme know if you can do this for me :)

    The Light Grey would instead be this:
  2. This isn't really a plugin request, but it's really easy to edit the properties
    just open Essentials as a winrar, then look for EN properties and open it, make sure your servers off, and start editing it
    \u00a71 - Dark Blue
    \u00a72 - Dark Green
    \u00a73 - Teal
    \u00a74 - Dark Red
    \u00a75- Purple
    \u00a76 - Gold
    \u00a77 - Gray
    \u00a78 - Dark Gray
    \u00a79 - Dark Teal
    \u00a7b Light Blue
    \u00a7d Pink
    \u00a7c Light red
    \u00a7e Yellow

    And i think the same applies with the bold, italics etc...
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    I know how to do it, just dont wanna fuck something up so im hoping someone can do it for me quickly?
  4. If you "fuck up" nothing will happen, and if you really want this made, you should probably go to another section, because this is only for plugin requests. I'd suggest going to plugin help
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    This Section is for Plugin Requests and not for Plugin Cobfiguration.
    Also, the job of a Server Owner also includes setting up the configs.
    And you wont mess up anything
    A typo will not result in everything breaking, you might just only have some additional characters in front of your message.
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    moved to Help. This is not a plugin request
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