-essentials.warp.warp or multiverse problem??? help

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by fistofmetal, Jul 19, 2013.

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    i am trying to stop players from being able to access warps in my permissions file by using -essentials.warp.village for example, which is a place in a creative world where i dont want them to go, but it still lets them. i use multiverse. i've tried to stop players from having access to certain worlds also but it never worked.
    i have had success with not putting essentials.warp in the survivor group in PEX, and adding each warp individually like - essentials.warp.shop or essentials.warp.info and it works, but players can create their own warps for a fee, so that would be annoying every time they make a warp.

    would anyone know anything? or know how to help me... please
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    warps are public, dont let users make /warps, you cant associate them to a player nor limit them, that is what /home is for.
    as for topic:

    may work with PEX.
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    admins make the warps. the survivors pay for it.
    is it -essentials.warp.village or -essentials.warps.village???
    i had it set as -essentials.warp.village...
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    sorry, your system is messed up. you can remove world access by enforcing it in the config.yml for multiverse. then adding the proper permission node for your creative world subscribers.
    - multiverse.access.[WORLDNAME]
    Don't forget to also give your other users the node for your other worlds. Otherwise they will be stuck in the world they start in on.

    but as necrodoom said, your warps are public. unless you restrict access to warps, you may be in need of another warping plugin.
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    essentials can stop certain groups from certain warps i am 95% sure...
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    you can, but not limit creation of them.
    and its essentials.warps.warpname
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    Essentials needs you to activate per wrap permissions in the basic /plugins/essentials/config.yml; Once this is setup you'll need to give permissions nodes for each and every warp you want a player to be able to access.

    This can also be utilized to allow per-warp purchases. That is, you can use a purchase plugin to pass a warp permission on payment. OR there are others that make you pay each time you use that warp, but everyone of a rank has access. I'm unclear what you're trying to accomplish.
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