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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TriplesYT, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Hello everybody, I am having alot of trouble with spawning.

    I'm using Essentials to set the spawn point of my server, but everytime I log in, I spawn on top of the building and about...20 blocks from where the spawn point is supposed to be.

    I type /setspawn to set the spawn. When I type /spawn, I get spawned to the correct position.
    But spawning for the first time and respawning just doesn't work.

    In the Essentials config file, I tried several things.
    Changing the group ''newbies'' to ''default''. No succes.
    Changed the group to ''none'', so no group. No succes.

    I'm completely stumped...
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    Do you use anything like multiverse?

    And just to make sure we cover the basics, did you install the EssentialsSpawn.jar as well?
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    Never heard of Multiverse, and yes I did intall EssentialsSpawn
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    When people respawn, where do they appear? Do they go back to where they used a bed or something instead of the spawn point?
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    They appear on top of the spawn building, while they are supposed to spawn inside.
    This happens on the first spawn when you get in for the first time, and for respawns.

    /spawn does take me to the correct spawn, inside of the spawn building.
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    can you paste startup log to see if essentialsspawn.jar starts up correctly?
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    Oh ok I see what you mean. I used to have this issue, but I use multiverse so I was able to just tell multiverse to stop adjusting the spawn point. Unfortunately I am unsure any other way to prevent this type of behaviour.

    Just out of curiosity, how much space is above your head when you are inside the building at the spawn point?
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    How do I do that?


    On the spawn ''altar'' there is isn't anything above the players head. Around the spawn altar, there are about 6 blocks of air above you.

    The spawn which I'm trying to set is at the middle of the spawn altar. So tl;dr, no blocks above head.
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    stop your server, move out server.log in bukkit root (or if extensions hidden, "server"), start server, copy file contents to pastebin, paste it here.
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    If your using multiverse how do you fix it?
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