Essentials' signs giving a ?4 when doing &4 instead of color!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by foldagerdk, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Sign colors doesn't work for me at the moment.

    Doing &4Test on a sign gives me ?4Test

    Color signs are on the list of enabled signs.

    Signs like [Buy], [Sell], [Disposal] and so on does have colors.

    Other Plugins: (See any conflicts?)
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    Any solution?
  2. You should probably ask at the essentials thread and/or bukkitdev page.
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    Father Of Time

    If you have recently updated your essentials there are now permission nodes for allowing color text in chat/on signs; I had this same issue when I upgraded my Essentials for 1.2.5.

    Backup your current essentials configuration file and then delete it, then restart the server to generate the newest config file and use your backup as a "template" to reconfigure the newly generated file.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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    I did :/
    Still no answer :(

    I have the asterisk node in PEX.
    But I'll try and reset my config :)
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    Lol @illish0704, copy paste much? I suggest doing as Father of Time said, if that fixes it good luck, if not just come on back.
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    I'll add a plugin list
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    Here's what you should do. Never give yourself * permissions. This messes up the plugin configurations.

    I had the same problem when i had * permissions. I set myself to default and only gave myself the essentials.signs.color permission. And this worked.

    I suggest you manually type in only the permissions you want. If you're unsure about anything, dont put it in. For example, you could always give yourself permissions like essentials.*, worldguard.*.

    Edit: It seems like its a conflict within essentials. I tried giving myself the essentials.* permission and it doesnt work either. Looks like you'll have to manually type out the essentials permission nodes. I'm trying to solve this problem too.
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    Damn :/
    I was hoping that wasn't the case :/
    Thanks anyways @polarisity :)
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    Oh i think your problem is deadbolt. Deadbolt has an inbuilt sign colour function. Try giving yourself all permissions for deadbolt except the sign colour node. It worked for me.
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