essentials- sign permissions issue.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mike abbo, Mar 15, 2011.

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    mike abbo

    i spent hours trying to make the buy and sell signs work for everyone, but now everyone has the power to make signs like [buy] 1 diamond $0.
    i would like to make the buy and sell signs only creatable by admins (not mods). i dont know how to do this and am too frustrated to work it out, can someone help me?
    link to essentials page :

    My Files i have changed:




    any ideas?? also how come normal players can use the /j command and kick and ban?


    noone know anything about settings??

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    Your best bet for help with plugin specific problems such as you are having is to post in the plugin thread.

    Otherwise you are waiting for someone who knows the plugins you are using to help you out - I don't use those plugins, so I can't offer help.
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    i looked at the problem in the essentials config permissions as i noticed the set up is OLD
    up to this point i noticed my problem with the signs as it was
    he noted the format wrong as in yours i noticed it was

    in your Default user you have it set as essentials.signs.create
    make sure to fix this problem but changing create to use the problem is they can make the signs but... can not use them
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