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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MarcJ, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Just a quick question.. Does anybody have a list ready of all essentials nodes? I really don't have the time to set them up, as I work alot. And when I'm gone I set the server online. If anybody has a list ready for all permission nodes.. That could be awesome.

    I use bPermissions.

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    Yeah this is a pain in the a$$... :p too many devs dont bother. Half of a good developers work is documentation, but most of these developers havent worked in the real world yet so they dont realize that. :p
  3. Do you mean a complete list of each node and use, or a list that has every node so it can be added straight to your permission config.yml?
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  5. bPErmissions has changed version, but you can generate example files (just like that) but with more nodes with the /permissions helpme command :)
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    Ah. Thanks alot :) Anyone can close this?
  7. In the title just put [SOLVED] so people know
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    what about for PEX( permissionsEX)
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    Yup that would be good can anyone help ?
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    404 github ._.
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    Hey Guys, I need a list of just essential permissions, Please Dont include a desc or a command I just need a list I can copy and paste!
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