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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by pwaaid, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. I have a problem with Essentials jail.
    Everything works perfect BUT, the time what player needs to do, still completes after he disconnects from server.

    Example :
    I am jailed for using bad language.
    Admin put me in jail for 5minutes.
    I dont waste my time in server so i quit it, and later i join in, and im free to go.

    I want that, the player still continue to complete his jailtime.
    Example 2:
    I Disconnected the server, and i had 4minutes and 30seconds left to complete.
    I waited and watch some videos online, and im joining the server and now i need to complete those 4minutes and 30seconds

    Sorry for my bad language but, anyone knows how to do that?
  2. Are you trying to make this plugin, or do you want this feature in Essentials Jail?

    If it's the second, wrong forum.
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    Yes, i want this feature in Essentials Jail.
  4. Then this should be in the 'Plugin Requests' forum... Maybe not. You could ask around for the Essentials devs
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